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Summer Camps - 2015

Camps at The Sci-Tech Discovery Center

Newton’s Lab offers outstanding summer camps for kids that love to tinker and build. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to be the highlight of the summer. All of Newton’s Lab camps involve using real tools like hammers, drills, saws, and screwdrivers as well as materials like wood, plastic, and cardboard. Kids will be taught how to safely use the tools while also learning the basics of construction. A wealth of science and engineering is incorporated into every camp, but the kids don’t realize it because they’re having too much fun.

Carnival Games Galore

Before the age of electronics, arcade games were mechanical and always entertaining. Kids will design, build, and decorate their very own interactive arcade games. Examples include skee-ball, pinball, and the claw. On Friday The Newton’s Lab Arcade will open its doors to the public for some old fashioned family fun.


Week 1: June 15 – 19

Week 2: June 22 – 26


Gonzo Go-Karts

An annual favorite, kids will be off to the races in this fun filled week. Teams will design, build, and decorate their push-powered karts working out the details for the chassis, steering, and brakes. The week culminates on Friday when the public is invited to Race Day.


Week 3: June 29 – July 3

Week 4: July 6 - 10

Week 5: July 13 - 17


Roller Coaster Construction

Everyone loves to ride roller coasters so building one will be even more fun. The group will design and build tracks, hills, and cars to provide a safe but thrilling ride to only the bravest daredevils.


Week 6: July 20 - 24

Week 7: July 27-31


Storm the Castle

Teams will design, build, and decorate fortresses, armor, launch devices, and ammo delivery machines. Launch devices such as trebuchets, catapults, and slingshots will be designed to hurl water balloons toward the castle. The entire week will build towards Friday’s Epic Water Balloon Battle.


Week 8: August 3 – 7

Week 9: August 10 - 14


Ages: Girls and Boys entering 3rd – 8th grades

Days: Monday – Friday

Hours: 9a – 4p (extended care options)

Location: Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco


Note: At Newton’s Lab safety is always our top priority. Kids are expected to use the tools as instructed. Closed toed shoes are required and long hair should be secured. Team based projects will stay with Newton’s Lab at week’s end. Kids should bring a sack lunch each day.

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