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Custom Programs

If you are interested in having Newton's Lab conduct a customized program, please contact us at:

Newton's Lab can provide a customized program for your group that is sure to please. From science presentations to building/tinkering programs. From single day to a semester long series. We can create someting that is educational, entertaining, memorible and definitely fun. 


Presentation Topics include: 

- Cub Scouts Activities

- Girl Scouts Activities

- Cool Careers for Girls

- The Science of Sound

- Let there be Light

- A Mighty Wind

- A Grip on Gravity

- Electrifying Electricity

- Many other physical science topics


Large Scale options:

- Pumpkin/Watermelon Trebuchet

- Hovercraft rides

- Compressed air launched paper rockets

- Paracord survival bracelet making

- Many others

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