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Assembly Shows

Newton's Lab conducts exciting and highly energetic assemblies that teach and entertain. Shows can be customized to cover most physical science topics. Just send us an email and we can create a show that works for you.

Zip, Zap, Zoom

Energy comes in many different forms and it is up to us to harness it for work. Your students will ZIP as they learn to use potential and kinetic energy. Next, we will ZAP your students with demonstrations on electricity, magnetism & circuits. Finally, your students will ZOOM through discovery as they explore Newton's Third Law of Motion.


Demonstrations include a huge Newton's Cradle, pendulum, electricty generator, Van de Graaf machine, air cannon, and a hovercraft.


$350 for first program, $150 for each additional program

50-minute show

Max 250 students per show


TEKS Alignment: 

Kinder 1A, 5A, 6ABC

1st 1A, 5A, 6ABC

2nd 1A, 5A, 6ABC

3rd 1A, 3C, 5A, 6ABC

4th 1A, 3C, 5A, 6ABC

5th 1A, 3C, 5A, 6AB

6th 1A, 3C, 8ABE


Contact us today to book your show.

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