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What is Newton's Lab?


Newton’s Lab is a unique place where boys and girls experience how the physical world works. By providing hands-on fun through tinkering, experimenting, and building, Newton’s Lab is a place where “Bright Ideas Turning the World” happens everyday. Our mission is to equip kids with the “Machinery of Invention” so they are not merely assembling objects, they are creating them. Classes focus on a broad range of topics to engage kids’ minds and inspire the inventor inside.


Newton’s Lab was founded by Bob Gilkison in 2012 as a way to share his passion for teaching kids and building things. Mr. Gilkison holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Chemistry and has spent more than 15 years designing integrated circuits and control systems. As a Cub Scout Den Leader for his two sons, Mr. Gilkison saw first-hand how kids respond to the challenges and excitement of building something. He believes today’s culture has shifted away from the innovative creation of the early 1900s to passive consumption lacking ingenuity. In an effort to reintroduce our kids to the magic of discovery through tinkering and experimenting, Mr. Gilkison hopes to inspire the next generation of inventors.

Newton's Lab holds events at several different locations in the DFW area including The Sci-Tech Discovery Center and The Enchanted Artist.
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